About Us

100 Black Men of Triangle East is devoted to improving the lives of Black youth in the North Carolina communities we serve.

Our Mission

100 Black Men of Triangle East is a nonprofit organization that was founded in December 1997 with a mission to improve the lives of Black youth in North Carolina (particularly in the counties of Wake and Durham). We aim to uplift future generations by promoting achievement and wellness while addressing issues that disproportionately affect members of the Black community. Our trained mentors serve as role models for youth in grades 6–12, ushering them through programs that focus on health and wellness, education, and economic empowerment. We aspire to be a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse talents to create an environment where our children can thrive. Our goal is for young Black individuals to become successful, self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve.


Our Leadership

Our organization comprises Black men devoted to modeling success and excellence and improving the lives of Black youth in our communities.

Morris Harris

Vice President

Patrick Lyons


C.J. Guion


Kevin Monds

Assistant Treasurer

Al Sullivan

Immediate Past President

Ed Gray

Chapter Partnership &
Development Co-Chairman

Richard Brown

Chapter Partnership &
Development Co-Chairman

CJ Guion

Collegiate 100 Chairman

Keith Wilson

Economic Empowerment Chairman

Geri Vital

Education Chairman

Morris Harris

Health & Wellness Chairman

Tyson Ashe

Mentoring Chairman

Darren Chester

Tech & Comm Co-Chairman

Rene Daughtry

Tech & Comm Co-Chairman